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The Secret C.I.A. Operation That Haunts U.S.-Iran Relations

ARCHIVAL (MSNBC, 9-22-22): NEWS REPORT: The death of a 22-year-old woman in Iran who was arrested by the morality police has now sparked extraordinary scenes that we’re seeing. ARCHIVAL (BBC, 9-21-22): NEWS REPORT: They said she wasn’t wearing the mandatory hijab, or headscarf, properly. Women cry “death to the dictator” and wave their headscarves at […]

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‘Another Player Down’: How Concern About Injuries Is Changing Sports

TEXT ON SCREEN: Oct. 15, 2023 ARCHIVAL (NBC, 10-15-23):MIKE TIRICO (SPORTSCASTER): Damien Harris is in at running back for the Bills.CRIS COLLINSWORTH (SPORTSCASTER): Oh…MIKE TIRICO: Big hit by–on Harris, but past the 35-yard line. ARCHIVAL (NBC, 10-15-23):MIKE TIRICO: The worst scene you can imagine as an ambulance has come on the field to look at […]

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Transcript: Healing the Ozone: First Steps Toward Success

ARCHIVAL (1989):NEWS REPORT: The Earth’s protective ozone layer. ARCHIVAL (1986):NEWS REPORT: The hole in the ozone shield is the size of the continental United States. ARCHIVAL (ABC, 1989):NEWS REPORT: The timeframe for action has become dangerously short. DAVID DONIGER (SENIOR STRATEGIC DIRECTOR, NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL): People didn’t even really know we had an ozone […]

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Transcript: Enemies of the People: Trump and the Political Press

TEXT ON SCREEN: A Retro Report Film VOICE: Oh, my god. What’s going to happen? NANCY GIBBS (TIME): We live in an attention economy… TEXT ON SCREEN: Directed and Produced by Susie Banikarim NANCY GIBBS:…and, attention equals power. ARCHIVAL:REPORTER: If I may ask one other question. Pardon me, ma’am. ARCHIVAL (FOX NEWS):SEAN HANNITY: We have […]