We have produced two television series for primetime: What Happens Next for VICE and Retro Report on PBS.

Feature-length documentaries include the Emmy-nominated Enemies of the People for VICE TV and American ReckoningFacing EvictionForever Prison and The Massacre in El Salvador, all distributed by Frontline. How Saba Kept Singing was voted an audience favorite at its world premiere at Hot Docs in Toronto 2022.

Retro Report’s work has won and been nominated for 10 Emmy awards, 11 Edward R. Murrow Awards, 3 Mirror Awards and others.

Retro Report Films

We unearth stories that demand to be told

VICE TV: Enemies of the People

A candid and dramatic journey behind the scenes of the 2016 election, this two-time Emmy Award-nominated film chronicles the reflections of journalists who covered Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the mistakes they made, and the decline of public trust in news.

PBS Frontline: American Reckoning

Who killed Wharlest Jackson Sr.? In investigating the unsolved 1967 murder of a local N.A.A.C.P. leader, this feature documentary from executive producer Dawn Porter uncovers an untold story of the civil rights movement and Black resistance.

VICE: What Happens Next

This three-part series explores radical transformations coming to central aspects of life in the near future, told through the experiences of people already living them out. Winner of a Gerald Loeb business award.

Retro Report on PBS

An eight-episode series that connects headlines of the present to the stories in the past. Celeste Headlee and Masud Olufani are hosts, with New Yorker humorist Andy Borowitz adding his signature wit.

PBS Frontline: Facing Eviction

Why have some American families struggled to keep their homes during the Covid pandemic, despite a federal ban on evictions? The Wall Street Journal called this feature-length documentary “exhilarating, disturbing.” Facing Eviction offers an intimate look at the United States’ affordable housing crisis through the eyes of tenants, landlords, judges and law enforcement.

PBS Frontline: Forever Prison

Forever Prison explores the little-known history of how Guantánamo Bay prison became a place where the government claimed it could hold people beyond the reach of U.S. law It appeared as part of PBS Frontline’s Guantánamo Files investigation.

PBS Frontline: Massacre in El Salvador

The story of the worst massacre in recent Latin American history and why a final reckoning is at risk. A documentary in partnership with ProPublica.

PBS NewsHour: Extremism in America

“Extremism in America” is a five-part digital series that explores key turning points in the growth of the extremist movement, from the 1980s to present day, and the missed opportunities to stop that movement before it spread.

How Saba Kept Singing

Musician David Wisnia always told his grandson Avi that he had survived the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz by entertaining the guards with his beautiful singing voice. Avi suspects there is more to the story, and together they embark on a journey that leads them into the mystery of David’s past. World premiere at Hot Docs.