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AP Psychology Collection

This collection features over 20 films and lessons for the AP Psychology course. Aligned with the help of educators, many of the films may fit into more than one unit of the course. Unit 2: Biological Bases of Behavior The structures of human biological systems and their functions influence our behavior and mental processes. These […]

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AP U.S. Government & Politics Collection

This collection features over 50 videos and lessons that align to all five AP Gov units. Unit 1: Foundation of American Democracy The Retro Report resources here focus on debates in Federalism, including immigration and disaster response. Sanctuary Cities: An Uproar That Began Long Ago Immigration in the 1990s: Proposition 187 The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse […]

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Remembrance of a Massacre: El Mozote

Across four days in December 1981, during El Salvador’s long civil war, American-trained and -equipped soldiers slaughtered nearly 1,000 civilians in and near El Mozote, a village in the country’s northeast. It was the largest massacre in recent Latin American history. Among the victims were hundreds of children. Raymond Bonner, then a New York Timescorrespondent, and […]