This collection features over 50 videos and lessons that align to all five AP Gov units.

Unit 1: Foundation of American Democracy

The Retro Report resources here focus on debates in Federalism, including immigration and disaster response.

Sanctuary Cities: An Uproar That Began Long Ago

Immigration in the 1990s: Proposition 187

The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Hurricane Katrina’s Aftermath and Lessons in Dealing With Disaster

Unit 2: Interactions Among Branches

This collection includes resources for all three branches, along with several films that focus on public policy and the role of the bureaucracy.

The Battle for Votes: Gerrymandering

Why Supreme Court Confirmations Have Become So Bitter

The Korean War

Love Canal and the Environmental Protection Agency

The Birth of the Environmental Movement: DDT and Rachel Carson

Influencing Public Policy: Food Safety

Influencing Public Policy: The Story of Thalidomide

The Environment and Natural Resources: Wild Horses

The Indian Child Welfare Act

Unit 3: Civil Liberties & Civil Rights

The videos below include many resources to teach about the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, criminal justice issues, along with examinations of the civil rights struggles of several groups in U.S. history.

Presidents v. Press: How the Pentagon Papers Leak Set Up First Amendment Showdowns

The Civil Rights Movement: Black Power and Sports

The Second Amendment: Siege at Waco

Brown v. Board of Ed and Busing Promised Integration. Why Are Schools Still Segregated?

Why the Supreme Court Endorsed, Then Limited Affirmative Action

How a 1944 Supreme Court Ruling on Internment Camps Led to a Reckoning

The 1968 L.A. School Walkouts

Vincent Chin and Asian American Civil Rights

Dr. Martin Luther King at Gee’s Bend

Protests For Racial Justice: A Long History

Watts Uprising and the Militarization of Policing

Why We Can’t Have a Civil Conversation About Guns

Aftermath of the War on Terror

The War on Terror and the Debate Over Torture

American Reckoning

The Moral Panic Over “Superpredators”

Influencing Policy: Evolution and the First Amendment

Free Speech VS Censorship: Warnings From Explicit Lyrics to Trigger Warnings

A Right to Die?

Crime and Punishment: Three Strikes and You’re Out

DNA Clues Solve Crimes . . . With a Privacy Cost

Abortion Was Illegal. This Secret Group Defied the Law

Unit 4: American Political Ideologies & Beliefs

This section includes examinations of political socialization by several types of influences along with resources for learning about the interaction between ideology and social policy.

Transgender Rights, Won Over Decades, Face New Restrictions

Labor Union Activism: Advocating for Worker Rights

Jimmy Carter and the Rise of Evangelical Voters

Public Policy: Welfare Reform

George C. Wallace and the Politics of Segregation

From Women’s Suffrage to the ERA

How Segregation Influenced Evangelical Political Activism

Unit 5: Political Participation

This section includes links to several collections, including political parties and conventions and political advertisements. There are also resources for teaching about voting rights and historic elections.

How Watergate and Citizens United Shaped Campaign Finance Law

Midterm Elections: 1966 Midterms Signal a Realignment, Shaping Today’s Parties

Midterm Elections: How 1994 Midterms Set Off an Era of Divisive Politics

Campaigns and Elections: The 2000 Election

Political Debates and the Kennedy-Nixon Debate

2004 Democratic Convention: The Importance of the Keynote Speech

The Birth of Party Conventions: the Anti-Masonic Party (1831)

Exploring the Impact of Campaign Ads

Suffrage for Black Women

Poll Watchers and the Long History of Voter Intimidation