What Happens Next, produced in collaboration by Retro Report and Quartz, is a series of deeply reported short documentaries that examine radical transformations coming to central aspects of life in the near future, through the experience of people already living them out.

Future of Aging

Across the globe, more and more people are living longer lives and that’s redefining what it means to be over 65, and what the future might mean for retirement.

Future of College

Online learning is indeed disrupting college as we know it – but not in the way you might think.

Future of Water

The increasing scarcity of drinking water is beginning to capture the world’s attention – but surprisingly, an innovative solution might just be found in one of the Earth’s driest places.

Future of Gaming

As gaming becomes the dominant form of entertainment this century, game developers increasingly track player behavior to tailor experiences that will keep people playing longer and spending more money.

Future of Cities

A visit to Medellín, Colombia reveals a city that has reinvented itself over the past few decades, turning its violent past into a sustainable future by transforming its slums.

Future of Money

What ancient stones on a tiny Pacific island can teach us about Bitcoin, blockchains and the future of money.

Future of Work

A remote Oregon mountainside offers a window into the workplace of the future.

Future of Fact

Virtual reality journalists aim to transform the news, and put feelings to work communicating the facts.

Future of Home

Guatemalan homesteaders and a Michigan contractor are riding a wave that could change how our lives are wired.

Future of Food

A small South Dakota farm holds lessons for feeding a crowded and less predictable world.