This collection features an array of resources that will help students make connections between Environmental Science concepts and the complex factors that accompany creating policies and responding to environmental concerns.

Unit 3: Populations

Populations change due to a variety of factors. The resources aligned with this unit examine what happens when human and ecological factors collide.

Reintroducing Wolves to Yellowstone was a Success. That’s When Trouble ​Began.

Human Geography: The Population Bomb

The Environment and Natural Resources: Wild Horses

Unit 5: Land and Water Use

This unit focuses on positive and negative ecosystem disruption and how human-environment interaction plays a role. The accompanying resources take these concepts further by examining how those disruptions impact the food we eat and water we drink.

Influencing Public Policy: Food Safety

Can Plant-Based Meat Mitigate Climate Change?

Harvesting the Rain

Testing the Future of Water

Our Appetite for Beef Is Growing. So Are Climate Worries.

Future of Food

Unit 6: Energy Resources & Consumption

With the two films and lessons aligned to this unit, students will be able to explain environmental challenges related to nuclear power and fossil fuels.

Nuclear Power: From Three Mile Island to Fukushima

Unprepared: Lessons From Two Massive Oil Spills

Unit 8: Aquatic & Terrestrial Pollution

Human activity has direct consequences for our land, water and air. The Retro Report films and lessons for this unit examine both the causes of and mitigation efforts for a variety of pollutants.

The Roots of Recycling

The Birth of the Environmental Movement: DDT and Rachel Carson

Love Canal and the Environmental Protection Agency

Understanding the Dangers of Lead

Unit 9: Global Change

This unit tackles some of the key environmental challenges that face the planet, and the aligned resources will help students move from identifying problems to examining mitigation strategies and climate solutions.

The End of the Cold War: Nuclear Winter

Tracking the Python Threat in the Everglades

Beekeepers and Scientists Join Forces to Protect the Pollinators

Healing the Ozone: First Steps Toward Success 

Amazon Rainforest Defenders Confront Violence, Encroachment and Politics