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Join Retro Report and the Right Question Institute on Sept. 27 for a webinar showing how teachers can use the Question Formulation Technique (Q.F.T.) to get students asking critical questions. We’ll be using an older Retro Report video about genetically modified foods and show how students in grades 5-12+ can act as journalists to decide how to update this video 10 years later. What questions do they need to ask? What new information do they need to find and present to viewers?

  • Webinar: “Student Questioners, Student Investigators: Exploring the Art of Documentary-Style Reporting Using the Q.F.T.”
  • When: Sept. 27, 7-8 p.m. ET
  • Register:

Five Questions We Will Explore

  1. How can video be used to inspire student inquiry?
    Hear tips and ideas about how to use the Q.F.T. with video. Explore Retro Report’s library of video resources to inspire your next Q.F.T. lesson.
  2. Where will students’ curiosity take them?
    Experiment with generating questions you believe students might ask to better anticipate where the lesson will go and how to prepare for it.
  3. How can student collaboration be strengthened?
    Together, students generate, prioritize and seek answers to their questions. While students are individually accountable for the questions they ask during the Q.F.T. process, group processing and simultaneous interaction is built in.
  4. Are the answers in the questions?
    Improve students’ critical thinking skills by empowering them to hone their questions to engage in discovery.
  5. What is another way to gauge student understanding of a concept or topic?
    The Q.F.T. can be used as a pre-assessment, a formative assessment throughout a unit of study, or as a summative assessment.

We hope to see you on Wednesday night.

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