Immigration and migration are consistent themes throughout U.S. History, and debates about immigration policy have long dominated the political landscape. This collection explores immigration and migration issues at particular points in the recent history of the United States.

How the U.S. Has Treated Wartime Refugees

What obligation countries have to refugees fleeing war, destruction and despair across the globe? Today, as Afghan and Ukrainian migrants settle in the United States, this video asks whether refugee resettlement is better now than it was for the Vietnamese 50 years ago.

How Prop. 187 Transformed the Immigration Debate and California Politics

Demographic trends and a changing California economy in the 1990s created a backlash against immigration, only to be followed by an even larger one over time.

Sanctuary Cities: Trump Renews an Uproar That Began Long Ago

As deportations rose under President Donald Trump, some churches and cities declared themselves sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. It was the latest chapter of a movement with a long history.

Teaching About Immigration and Migration Webinar

An in depth look at how to engage your students when teaching issues like immigration and migration, presented with our partners, New American History and Re-Imagining Migration.