This collection of resources contains four original short films, each accompanied by a lesson plan and student activity. In addition, you will find a recording of our Educator Webinar and links to our partner resources.

9/11 Heroes: Surviving the Biggest Attack on U.S. Soil

Seconds after the World Trade Center towers were attacked, New York City mounted the largest rescue effort in its history, dispatching more than 2,000 emergency workers to lower Manhattan. More than 400 of them perished. Those who survived don’t want that day to be forgotten.

How the Military Response to 9/11 Led to Two Decades of War in Afghanistan

Officials who drove the decades-long war in Afghanistan look back on the strategic mistakes and misjudgments that led to a 20-year quagmire.

Wrongly Accused of Terrorism: The Sleeper Cell That Wasn’t

Six days after 9/11, the FBI’s raid on a Detroit sleeper cell signaled America’s resolve to fight terrorism. But, despite a celebrated conviction, there was one problem — they’d gotten it wrong.

He’s the Only CIA Contractor Convicted in a Torture-Related Case

Teaching About 9/11 Webinar

On this hour-long webinar, David Olson, the Director of Education at Retro Report, Vicky Pasquantonio, Education Producer with PBS NewsHour Extra, and Dr. Jeremy Stoddard from UW-Madison cover teaching strategies for addressing the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 and answer questions from educators.

Note Additional resources covered in the webinar:
Teaching 911 and the War on Terror Beyond the Twentieth Anniversary, by Dr. Jeremy Stoddard