To stave off a nationwide housing crisis during the coronavirus pandemic, officials implemented new housing policies, including a nationwide ban on evictions. In cities across the nation, Retro Report and Frontline PBS captured this unprecedented period.

Facing Eviction

Since the summer of 2020, we’ve documented the impact of the pandemic on housing and evictions. We followed tenants, landlords, lawyers, judges, sheriffs and social workers across the U.S. who were affected.

Burden of Richmond Evictions Weighs Heaviest in Black Neighborhoods

After enduring decades of unfair housing practices and economic hardship, Black residents of Richmond, Va., now disproportionately face the risk of homelessness.

How Decades of Housing Discrimination Hurts Fresno in the Pandemic

In Fresno, Calif., the coronavirus pandemic has magnified damage caused by decades of discriminatory housing practices. Residents of its poorest neighborhoods, mostly people of color, face eviction at a higher rate than their white neighbors.

New York Tenants Are Organizing Against Evictions, as They Did in the Great Depression

Housing activism in the Bronx has a deep history dating back to the Great Depression, when neighbors banded together to resist landlords’ efforts to displace them.

Tenants Facing Eviction Over Covid-19 Look to a 1970s Solution

An idea from a landmark housing fight from the 1970s, which helps tenants buy their apartments, could be a solution for renters facing eviction.

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