Enemies of the People: Trailer

Enemies of the People: (Media Mistakes Excerpt)

In this excerpt top national political reporters admit mistakes in their reporting on the 2016 election campaign, from inaccurate polling to a misunderstanding of the political sentiments of large swaths of American voters.

Enemies of the People: (CNN’s Missteps Excerpt)

In this excerpt from CEO Jeff Zucker acknowledges missteps in CNN’s 2016 campaign coverage, when many media outlets covered Donald Trump’s campaign as a spectacle that produced higher ratings.

Enemies of the People: (False Equivalency Excerpt)

This excerpt explores how the journalistic instinct for “balanced” reporting on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016 played out, in particular when it came to coverage of the Clinton email investigation.

Enemies of the People: (Historical Excerpt)

This excerpt explores the history of tensions between the press and presidents, charges of liberal media bias and the decline in public trust in journalism.

Enemies of the People: Trump and the Political Press (Full Film)