This collection features over 30 films and lessons for use in AP Human Geography, across nearly all units for the course.

Unit 1: Thinking Geographically

This first unit is about examining the essential ideas and skills used by geographers. Most of the resources in this section examine Human-Environmental Interaction.

Tracking the Python Threat in the Everglades

Harvesting the Rain

The Roots of Recycling

Testing the Future of Water

Ecology: The Yellowstone Wildfires of 1988

The Environment and Natural Resources: Wild Horses

Unprepared: Lessons From Two Massive Oil Spills

Unit 2: Population & Migration

What patterns and circumstances are associated with how, where and why people live where they do? Examine resources that explain reasons for immigration.

Sanctuary Cities: An Uproar That Began Long Ago – Mini Lesson

Immigration in the 1990s: Proposition 187

How the U.S. Has Treated Wartime Refugees

Human Geography: The Population Bomb

Holocaust Survivors Fleeing Ukraine Find New Home in Germany

Unit 3: Cultural Patterns & Processes

How does culture develop and spread? These films and lessons will help students examine how identity is formed in spite of obstacles.

The 1968 L.A. School Walkouts

Vincent Chin and Asian American Civil Rights

Schools Built on Secrets: Understanding Boarding Schools for Native Americans

The Indian Child Welfare Act

How a 1944 Supreme Court Ruling on Internment Camps Led to a Reckoning

Unit 4: Political Patterns & Processes

How do humans influence the political map and how might they be influenced by it? These resources focus on how conflict, both political and military, has an impact on national and international boundaries.

The Battle for Votes: Gerrymandering

The Korean War

Why Supreme Court Confirmations Have Become So Bitter

The Cold War: From the Truman Doctrine to the Berlin Airlift

The Arab-Israeli War: America’s Role

How the Military Response to 9/11 Led to Two Decades of War in Afghanistan

Dictators and Civil Wars: The Cold War in Latin America

The Cold War in Latin America: Massacre in El Salvador

Unit 5: Agriculture and Rural Land Use

This unit examines the origins of agriculture and its subsequent diffusion. The accompanying resources focus on the challenges of contemporary agriculture.

Can Plant-Based Meat Mitigate Climate Change?

The Birth of the Environmental Movement: DDT and Rachel Carson

Genetically Modified Food

Unit 6: Cities & Urban Land Use

Students will examine patterns of change over time and modern challenges to urbanization. These films and lessons hone in on urban changes and the effect of discrimination.

Whites-Only Suburbs: How the New Deal Shut Out Black Homebuyers

Brown v. Board of Ed and Busing Promised Integration. Why Are Schools Still Segregated?

The Geography of Racism: Housing Policy

Facing Eviction

The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Future of Cities

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