Retro Report has a selection of videos to help teachers commemorate Veterans Day (Nov. 11). Learn more about our resources below.

Agent Orange: Last Chapter of the Vietnam War

This 10-minute video explores the decision by the U.S. military to spray millions of acres of Vietnam with a toxic defoliant, and illustrates how that decision continues to produce medical consequences for American and Vietnamese citizens. Transcript

Could a Simple Intervention Fight a Suicide Crisis?

Suicide rates have been on the rise across the country. At particular risk are U.S. service members and veterans. A simple intervention to reduce suicides, “caring letters,” messages of compassion and empathy, showed promise in the 1960s. The practice has been overlooked until now. Transcript

She Rocked the Pentagon

After a sexual assault scandal at the Tailhook convention rocked the Navy in 1991, one female officer, Paula Coughlin, launched a campaign to change military culture. Transcript

Atomic Vets  

Veterans who witnessed secret atomic testing have fought a decades-long struggle for recognition that affects soldiers today. Transcript

How the Korean War Changed the Way the U.S. Goes to Battle

This six-minute video provides students with an introduction to the Korean War, including its context within the Cold War, and the hardships faced by American soldiers on the battlefield. Transcript

Walter Reed: The Battle for Recovery

In 2007, reports of scandalous treatment of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center shocked the nation. Today, after major reforms, what has changed for America’s injured soldiers? Transcript