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The 2023-2024 school year is in full swing. As a teacher, you may be overwhelmed with planning lessons and finding engaging new resources. Retro Report can help.

Here are ways to incorporate Retro Report resources into your lessons:

1. Show a video to start a classroom discussion or introduce a topic

Use one of Retro Report’s 300+ engaging short videos to bring history to life and spark meaningful classroom discussions. Some of the resources used most frequently at this time of year include:

2. Use a Retro Report lesson plan or activity in your classroom

Many of our videos are accompanied by teacher-created lesson plans and student activities. These resources are classroom-ready Google Docs, so it’s easy to adapt our work to fit your lessons. Find materials for middle and high school students in our Education Library. AP Teachers can access our AP Education Collection for curated resources on AP United States History, AP US Government & Politics, AP Environmental Science, AP Human Geography and AP Psychology.

3. Screen the videos in the “Use the Internet to Check the Internet” collection to teach research and fact-checking skills

Fall is a great time to set your students up for success as they research and fact-check information they find online. The “Use the Internet to Check the Internet” Education Collection features short videos, lesson plans and activities that teach the skills needed to sort fact from fiction, sidestep online scams and stop the spread of misinformation.

4. Book a producer for a free classroom visit

If you are planning to screen a Retro Report video, you can book a free virtual visit from an award-winning Retro Report producer to speak with students and answer questions. Fill out this survey to book a producer. We offer a related lesson plan and student activity to go along with the visit.

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CAROLINE WATKINS is the audience engagement manager at Retro Report.

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