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Retro Report’s Council of Educators arrived in New York from across the country earlier this month for the second Council of Educators Summit. As they did at last year’s summit, teachers with backgrounds in Social Studies, Environmental Science and English/ELA shared how they use Retro Report educational materials with their students. They brainstormed and created resources that align with Retro Report films, and provided feedback to our producers.

The 20 teachers gathered at the Retro Report newsroom on July 16 for a group dinner, where they learned about Retro Report’s education goals for the coming school year. Next up were two days of sessions and workshops. Education manager Filiz Yargici facilitated an exercise called Cross Cultural Spectrums that allowed teachers to better understand teaching and work habits.

Retro Report’s director of education, David Olson, led a brainstorming session on interactive tools that educators can pair with Retro Report videos. These maps and timelines are some of the most heavily used resources on Retro Report’s website each month.

Educators heard from producer Sarah Weiser and others on the Retro Report staff about their work. Retro Report’s president and executive producer, Kyra Darnton, spoke about an environmental science video that will have a premiere this fall.

During the summit, educators explored the United Nations, where they learned about the history of the U.N. and visited rooms where the General Assembly, Security Council and Economic and Social Council meet. Educators learned about free educational resources available at

Next on the schedule was dinner at an Italian restaurant with Retro Report’s founder and chairman, Christopher Buck, and an off-Broadway play.

Educators collaborated and shared ideas on ways to can incorporate Retro Report resources into their curriculum.

Here is what Council members said about the summit:

“It was really interesting to hear how other teachers use Retro Report videos. I love learning that there is overlap between the conversations that occur in science, history, and ELA classes.”

“Everyone was so encouraging, and the videos we previewed were top-notch.”

“It was very affirming to hear that other teachers are thinking about how knowledge is constructed. This is a concept that I have recently elevated in my classroom and it seems to be complemented by others’ work.”

“I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and work on new topics that I normally would not consider. I’m excited for the challenge but also the ability to grow.”

“I am always amazed on what we do here and enjoy the relationships that I build with educators from around the world!”

Retro Report’s goal for 2024 is to increase its resources for grades 6 to 12. By 2025, we hope to reach 100,000 teachers.

CAROLINE WATKINS is the audience engagement manager at Retro Report.

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