ARCHIVAL (NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION, 2011):MARK BLOCK: We need you to get involved, because together we can do this we can take this country back.

MARK BLOCK: Have you ever tried to autograph a cigarette?


MARK BLOCK (CHIEF OF STAFF, CAIN 2012): Were sitting in the restaurant at the Wynn in Las Vegas the morning after the debate and Cain did a really, really good job.

ARCHIVAL (CNN, 6-13-17):ANDERSON COOPER: Would you build an entire fence along the entire border, and would it be electrified?HERMAN CAIN: Allow me to give the serious answer: Yes, I believe we should secure the border for real. I dont apologize at all for trying to protect the American citizens, no.

CHRIS BURGARD (DIRECTOR OF STRATEGIC MEDIA, CAIN 2012): I go, London, whered Mark go? And he goes, Hes smoking. So I go outside to the front of the Wynn Hotel at the valet parking.

MARK BLOCK: Chris came and tapped me on the shoulder and said, Cains tied up right now. Youve always wanted to send a message to your supporters.”

ARCHIVAL (NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION, 2011):MARK BLOCK: Mark Block here. Since January, Ive had the privilege of being the Chief of Staff to Herman Cain.

CHRIS BURGARD: If you see the way we shot it, its like the camera comes in and goes out. And that was because we had to do it in between the cars that were coming from the front of the casino. Okay, theres a taxi coming right now so weve got six seconds, go.

ARCHIVAL (NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION, 2011):MARK BLOCK: We can do this we can take this country back.

LINDA HANSEN (DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF, CAIN 2012): They came back and they both had these mischievous expressions on their face. They said, We left the cigarette in. We need a homeschool moms opinion. It just reminded me of kids that got caught with their hand in the candy jar. I said, I dont like smoking. But this is who we are.

CHRIS BURGARD: It wasnt a paid television announcement.

MARK BLOCK: It wasnt meant to be broadcast. It was just an email out to our supporters.

CHRIS BURGARD: Ive got all these messages on my phone, and our PR guy is going, The videos great! And Im like, I call Block and I go, Dude, which video is he talking about? You know? He goes, I think its the smoking one.

ARCHIVAL (COMEDY CENTRAL):STEPHEN COLBERT: Wow. I dont know what it is, but something about that guy just seems cool.

ARCHIVAL (NBC):ANDY RICHTER: And thats real.CONAN OBRIEN: Yes, that is absolutely, 100% real. Yeah, its crazy!

ARCHIVAL (CBS NEWS, 10-30-11):HERMAN CAIN: This wasnt intended to send any subliminal signal whatsoever.BOB SCHIEFFER: But it does. It sends the signal that its cool to smoke.HERMAN CAIN: No it does not.

CHRIS BURGARD: The anger was surprising. Mr. Cains like Mark smokes. Thats just what he does. Its still legal to do that in most places in the country. And I think thats what really resonated with people, was it wasnt politically correct. It wasnt slick, it wasnt polished, but it was real.

MARK BLOCK: We had breakfast with Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was talking about Russia and China and Afghanistan and he stopped and he turned and he said, Son, that cigarette thing was brilliant.

CHRIS BURGARD: It was a rebel yell. It definitely was.

MARK BLOCK: And it, believe it or not it really helped the campaign.

CHRIS BURGARD: If the proverbial feces wouldnt have hit the fan, I have no doubt that Mr. Cain would have been the next president.

ARCHIVAL (MSNBC):RACHEL MADDOW: A press conference was scheduled today to hear further allegations of sexual harassment concerning Herman Cain.

ARCHIVAL:SHARON BIALEK: I said, What are you doing? Mr. Cain said, You want a job, right?

ARCHIVAL (FOX NEWS):HERMAN CAIN: God bless you, I love you, and thank you.

LINDA HANSEN: The day that Herman Cain stepped out of the race, it was heartbreaking in a lot of ways.

CHRIS BURGARD: The legacy of the smoking man commercial is: the world has changed. This isnt your grandfathers political race anymore.

ARCHIVAL:VOICEOVER: Jeb, for all your sleeping needs.

CHRIS BURGARD: Its a youtube generation, man, and thats how you have to just look at the world.

MARK BLOCK: Youve got to think outside the box in politics today. And if you dont youre just another one of the people that are running.