NARRATION: How can you determine whether a story like this one is accurate?

ARCHIVAL (NBC, 10-15-15):SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: On Twitter, shes been dubbed the Worst Aunt Ever. New York tabloids even crowned her The Auntie Christ.

NARRATION: Did you ever hear about the woman who sued her cousins son after an exuberant hug led to a broken wrist?

ARCHIVAL (CBS, THIS MORNING, 10-14-15):</u>GAYLE KING: Thats right, $127,000 over a hug.

TEXT ON SCREEN:SOCIAL MEDIA COMMENT: Since its illegal to publicly flog her, we can all do our best to shame her to death.

NARRATION: When you hear something this sensational, its usually a good idea to stop and ask yourself: Is there more to the story?

JENNIFER CONNELL: The whole world is coming out saying Im this horrible, evil person.

NARRATION: On the internet, things arent always what they seem. So, dont just read the original post. Get off the page, and open a new tab to do a new search about the source or claim. Check if it is credible. And look for trusted sources or in-depth news stories like this one, with Jennifer Connell and her cousins son that set the record straight.

ARCHIVAL (NBC, TODAY SHOW, 10-15-15):SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: The condemnation against Jennifer Connell came fast and furious. But was it fair?

NARRATION: It turns out that Connell required three surgeries. Filing a lawsuit was the only way she could get her cousins homeowners insurance to pay her medical bills. There was no ill will in the family.

ARCHIVAL (NBC, TODAY SHOW, 10-15-15):SEAN: I felt like everybody was saying stuff that they didnt know.

NARRATION: But the damage was done. Connell has struggled to reclaim her reputation.

JENNIFER CONNELL: People reached out and then canceled interviews. It was very difficult to find another job.

NARRATION: Shes had to take steps to obscure her identity, but online, her name will forever be linked to the original story. Remember: get off the page and use the internet to check the internet.